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While the visual aspect of the app makes it easy to understand and fun to use, it also delivers the ability to "mix and match" foods to create the perfect plate for each person, right from their smartphone or tablet.
The visual aspect will represent a key point of this production," Mauro Borrelli explains, "although my style of shooting and the way I block and compose my shots is always rooted in the emotion of the story first and the visual element afterwards.
These facilities, combined with the know-how of our team of technicians, allow them to reproduce the manufacturing parameters of finished products, from taste to visual aspect and texture, which will be analysed by a team of experts including food-processing engineers, flavourists as well as trained internal and external tasting panelists.
This will build the visual aspect of your brand and make everything you do recognisable to readers over time.
He also proposed making use of the expertise of the Faculty's students in improving the visual aspect of Damascus city center, in addition to discussing proposed sites for establishing a wax museum.
I spend almost as much effort on the visual aspect of my concerts as I do the music.
Meanwhile, PGI's BiCo technology provides a soft hand that translates into comfort and softness attributes when converted into an end product; Airtenis a family of air through bond carded materials, which maximizes performance in hygiene applications; and TricTrac is PGI's thermal bond carded material with a distinguished embossed pattern providing enhanced softness and visual aspect suitable for top sheet and outer cover applications.
Its visual aspect, however, plays an equally important role.
0 brings in a visual re-design which follows Apple's flat iOS 7 visual aspect with a clean user interface.
Although the seasons change outside the walls in sequences that are given a nice visual aspect by the two dancers who accompany Johnstone, it stays cold and wintry.
More importantly is that governmental projects directed at people on low incomes, which usually lacked aesthetic elements of landscaping and poor architectural design of apartments and blocks, take the visual aspect into consideration.
The initial test will look at the visual aspect of the car, if the car passes the initial test it will be required to take a more detailed inspection that will take at least one hour.

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