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Noun1.visual sense - the ability to seevisual sense - the ability to see; the visual faculty
visual system - the sensory system for vision
sense modality, sensory system, modality - a particular sense
exteroception - sensitivity to stimuli originating outside of the body
stigmatism - normal eyesight
achromatic vision - vision using the rods
acuity, sharp-sightedness, visual acuity - sharpness of vision; the visual ability to resolve fine detail (usually measured by a Snellen chart)
binocular vision - vision involving the use of both eyes
central vision - vision using the fovea and parafovea; the middle part of the visual field
chromatic vision, color vision, trichromacy - the normal ability to see colors
distance vision - vision for objects that a 20 feet or more from the viewer
eyesight, sightedness, seeing - normal use of the faculty of vision
monocular vision - vision with only one eye
near vision - vision for objects 2 feet or closer to the viewer
night vision, night-sight, scotopic vision, twilight vision - the ability to see in reduced illumination (as in moonlight)
daylight vision, photopic vision - normal vision in daylight; vision with sufficient illumination that the cones are active and hue is perceived
peripheral vision - vision at the edges of the visual field using only the periphery of the retina
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She also has a high visual sense, and her productions fit effectively into some of the smaller spaces they were designed for on the Theatr Bara Caws touring circuit.
This is a shame, because her great visual sense and sly wit are hamstrung by being tightly bound to the source material's ropey plot and dialogue.
Far from forming literal theoretical models, Aycock's sculptures seem to combine seemingly disjointed ideas together intuitively into forms that make visual sense.
Wanting his youngsters to better express themselves in a visual sense, Ken developed a lesson to achieve this goal.
Columbo and her team, including designer Anna Louizos, with her sliding doors-style set, and lighting designer Nick Richings, have a strong visual sense.
The revolutionary wetsuits work by scrambling a shark's visual sense in the final seconds as it closes in for the kill.
Such art "speaks" in a form that touches the imagination through the visual sense, evoking wonder at a profound level.
Lynda Draper and Jacqui Hudson exemplify artists who question the Postmodern critique of beauty while binding together a refined visual sense of conceptual complexity.
If it's a Lurcher then it will have a well-developed visual sense, while spaniels can be olfactory (think of sniffer dogs) and gundogs are kinaesthetic.
Richardson argues that it is not surprising to see a Romantic pattern of displacing the visual by recourse to other senses, given the dominance of the visual sense in terms of the body and cognition.
Static pergolas are good for creating an intimate feel to a corner or even a 'ceiling' which provides, in a visual sense at least, an additional room outside.
I knew it as a concept album and had dipped into one or two of the songs but I hadn't got a strong idea of the show itself in a visual sense.