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a. Of, relating to, or characteristic of life: vital strength. See Synonyms at living.
b. Necessary to the continuation of life; life-sustaining: a vital organ; vital nutrients.
c. Used or done on a living cell or tissue: vital dyes; vital staining.
d. Concerned with or recording data pertinent to lives: vital records.
2. Full of life or energy; animated: "The population of the teeming, vital slum ... declined" (Rick Hampson).
a. Necessary to continued existence or effectiveness: "Irrigation was vital to early civilization" (William H. McNeill).
b. Extremely important; essential: "A vital component of any democracy is a free labor movement" (Bayard Rustin).
4. Destructive to life; fatal: a vital injury.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin vītālis, from vīta, life; see gwei- in Indo-European roots.]

vi′tal·ly adv.
vi′tal·ness n.


the quality of being vital
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Noun1.vitalness - the quality possessed by something that you cannot possibly do without
essentiality, essentialness - basic importance
2.vitalness - the quality of being essential to maintain life
essentiality, essentialness - basic importance