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 (vīt′l-âr′ē-əm, vĭt′-)
n. pl. vi·tel·lar·i·ums or vi·tel·lar·i·a (-ē-ə)
A group of glands in flatworms and certain other invertebrates that secrete yolk.

[New Latin, from Latin vitellus, egg yolk; see vitellus.]
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pedatum described by Fischthal (1973) in that it possesses a four-lobed pharynx, the ovary and testes are in the same position; the vitellaria extend from the ovarian level to the posterior margin of the posterior testis; the prepharynx has a sphincter-like structure situated just anterior to the pharynx.
Once stained, the following features were observed: 1) the vitellaria divided into an anterior and posterior group with the posterior group extending the level of the posterior testis; 2) a ventral sucker larger than oral sucker; and 3) 2 rounded testes (Figure 2).
Vitellaria formed by two compact lobes, located at sides of ventral sucker.
Worm-maturity analysis was performed on 583 specimens, based on criteria established by Bell and Smyth (1958) and later used by Rand and Burt (1985) and Camp (1989): Stage A, immature (vitellaria undeveloped, testes and ovary distinct or indistinct, eggs absent); Stage B, mature (granular vitellaria extending anteriorly at least to the posterior testis, eggs absent); Stage C, gravid (vitellaria thick and follicular, egg(s) present).