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 (vĭ-tĕl′ĭn, vī-)
A protein found in egg yolk.


(Biochemistry) biochem a phosphoprotein that is the major protein in egg yolk
[C19: from vitellus + -in]


(vɪˈtɛl ɪn, vaɪ-)

a phosphoprotein in the yolk of eggs.
[1855–60; vitell (us) + -in1]
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Biochemical quantification of proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitellogenin, and vitellin was performed on hemolymph and gonad tissues of all specimens.
Several molecules were identified, like Bm95 (93), vitellin (94), 64P (95), trypsin inhibitors (96), SBm1462 (97), ferritin 2 (98) and subolesin (99-100).
La tumeur du sac vitellin est differenciee dans le sens extra-embryonnaire et reproduit des structures evocatrices du sac vitellin de l'homme.
Les trois premiers jours du developpement des larves ont montre une reduction progressive du sac vitellin suivie d'un passage a la nourriture exogene.
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Among their topics are the biosynthesis and processing of insect vitellogenins, the regulation of yolk protein gene expression and vitellogenesis in higher diptera, vitellogenesis directed by juvenile hormone, the accumulation of lipids in insect oocytes, the regulation of yolk protein degradation during insect enbryogenesis, and biochemical and ultrastructural aspects of vitellin utilization during embryogensis.
The monoclonal antibodies used to develop the ELISAs came from the yolk proteins vitellin and vitellogenin of the spined soldier bug, Podisus maculiventris, and the minute pirate bug, Orius insidiosus.
In addition, vitellin levels were elevated only in females at 63 ppb pyrene after the 6-week exposure.
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