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It was composed of black and vitreous lava, mixed with fragments of felspar.
At first I thought it was one vast, unbroken chamber, so clear and transparent were the walls of the winding corridors, but after I had nearly brained myself a couple of times by attempting to pass through solid vitreous walls I went more carefully.
In other crustaceans the transparent cones which are coated by pigment, and which properly act only by excluding lateral pencils of light, are convex at their upper ends and must act by convergence; and at their lower ends there seems to be an imperfect vitreous substance.
It is a vitreous greenish blue, as I remember it, like those patches of the winter sky seen through cloud vistas in the west before sundown.
25 in the left eye; intraocular pressure was 16 mmHg in the right eye and 21 mmHg in the left eye; the right eye had mild anterior chamber inflammation with small mutton-fat keratic precipitates, 2+ flare, and 3+ cells, respectively [Figure 1]a; dilated examination revealed vitreous hemorrhage with invisible fundus [Figure 1]b; and no significant finding was noted in the left eye.
However, in most cases, the floaters eventually settle down to the bottom of the vitreous cavity, out of the line of vision.
For symptomatic floaters, three treatment options exist: patient education and observation; vitrectomy (used to remove vitreous gel from the middle of the eye if there is retinal detachment or blood in the vitreous gel) with a one-incision intrector (limited core vitrectomy), and YAG vitreolysis.
If lesion showed increase in size or activity with or without massive vitreous involvement at any time during the follow up visits, focal treatment was abandoned and eyes were either enucleated or EBRT was applied.
Keywords: Bevacizumab, vitreous hemorrhage, diabetes mellitus
In a retrospective study, OCT scans of diabetic patients with macular edema were reviewed and 24% of the cases were associated with vitreofoveal or extra foveal vitreous traction, out of which, 56% had vitreofoveal traction and 44% had extrafoveal traction8.
Methods: A quasi-experimental study was conducted where eighty seven eyes of 87 uncontrolled type II diabetes mellitus patients presenting with diabetic vitreous hemorrhage were selected to undergo 27-gauge transconjunctival sutureless micro-incision vitrectomy surgery.
b) Hyperfluorescence from vitreous haemorrhage overlying disc and macula