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n. pl. vit·tae (vĭt′ē)
1. Zoology A streak or band of color, as on the bill of a bird.
2. Botany An oil tube in the fruit of certain plants, especially those in the parsley family.

[Latin, headband, ribbon; see wei- in Indo-European roots.]

vit′tate′ (vĭt′āt′) adj.


n, pl -tae (-tiː)
1. (Botany) any of numerous tubelike cavities containing oil or resin that occur in the fruits of certain plants, esp of parsley and other umbellifers
2. (Biology) biology a band or stripe of colour
[C17: from Latin: headband; related to viēre to plait]
ˈvittate adj


(ˈvɪt ə)

n., pl. vit•tae (ˈvɪt i)
1. a tube or receptacle for oil, occurring in the fruits of most plants of the parsley family.
2. Zool. a streak or stripe of color on the body.
[1685–95; < Latin: ribbon, fillet, akin to viēre to weave together]
vit′tate (-eɪt) adj.
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1 and 4) pale, with 1 continuous light brown vitta parallel to clavus suture.
Ese sistema de imagenes se utiliza como un conjunto de significaciones imaginarias, para reconocerlas y categorizarlas en un imaginario social especifico que, de acuerdo con Vitta, se usara como herramienta en tanto categorizacion de ese conjunto de signos que se pueden reconocer como un codigo o lenguaje, asi como el concepto de imaginario social de Castoriadis, y en sus implicaciones en las practicas turisticas.
Sobre esto, Vitta senala: "No obstante, damos por sentado que el cuadro <<ha de representar>> algo real.
If present, then frontal vitta with relatively small, dark, swollen area restricted to upper part of frons, lower part of frons broad and orange.
sententiando indifferentamente quell' anime che se offeressero con violenza corpi forzati e quelle che fur dedicate al suo culto, come inosservante e destrutrici degli ordeni claustrali e come reprobe figliole e seguacci di Sattanasso, non de' lor fondattori, la cancellera dal libro della vitta, disheredando gli empi padri insieme con elle .
The body of Staffordshire bull terrier Holly was found floating in a canal following an attempted burglary at the home of Sean Vitta and his partner Annette Belcher.
Now Sean Vitta and 28-year-old partner Annette Belcher have issued a plea for the public's help in finding the thug responsible.
Head: holoptic, frontal vitta obliterated, chestnut color, widened when reaching the lunule, in the more slender portion with approximately 1/2 diameter of the anterior ocelli; parafrontal and parafacialia yellow with silver tomentum and bare; gena yellow with silver tomentum, postgena and occiput white tomentum, with thin and long hairs; face and clypeal membrane pale; ocellar triangle chestnut; scape, pedicel, flagellomere and palp orange in color.
The other ranges include Dolce Rosa, Via Rosa and the Vitta Rings.
Each elytron with two longitudinal piceous vittae, submarginal vitta extending behind humerus to one-fourth the length of elytron, sutural vitta surrounding the scutellum extending almost to apex and a small spot near the base.
16) la consultoria es un ciclo de ayuda organizacional, en donde existe la relacion cliente-consultor; en esta misma linea Miranda y Vitta (2008, p.
vitta which have shorter longevities and hence potentially faster population turnover rates (Newman et al.