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n.1.The quality or state of being vivid; vividness.
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In the Collected Poems that Mahon published with Gallery in 1999, "The Forger" was provocatively preceded by "A Portrait of the Artist," which also stresses the artisanal determination of poetry through its description of how Van Gogh embricated the coal mines of Belgium with the vividity of Provence; it makes for heavy sunlight:
Disconnected from our world, we can see what happens within it with a certain vividity.
Nothing replaces that vividity, that life, the thrill of watching the performer on stage.
Describing at length the drudgery of a day in a cubicle with almost appalling vividity, Young British Slacker compels the reader's attention with its unique writing style and tactile-perfect realism in its capture of the stream-of-consciousness thoughts and emotions of a wage slave.
The particular thing is lifeless; the concept retains its vividity, its spirit.