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 (vĭv′ĭ-sĕk′shən, vĭv′ĭ-sĕk′-)
The act or practice of cutting into or otherwise injuring living animals for the purpose of scientific research.

[Latin vīvus, alive; see vivify + (dis)section.]

viv′i·sec′tion·al adj.
viv′i·sec′tion·al·ly adv.
viv′i·sec′tion·ist n.


1. (Zoology) a person who practises vivisection
2. a person who advocates the practice of vivisection as being useful or necessary to science


(ˌvɪv əˈsɛk ʃə nɪst)

a person who practices or favors vivisection.
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Noun1.vivisectionist - a biologist who cuts open live animals for research
biologist, life scientist - (biology) a scientist who studies living organisms


[ˌvɪvɪˈsekʃənɪst] Nvivisector(a) m/f
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Or else he probes them with the cruel hand of a vivisectionist, groping about in their mental processes and examining their souls as though to see of what soul-stuff is made.
form," (2) a supreme analyst and vivisectionist whose psychological
I have heard it said that, because you seem to have no objection to the use of the whip by jockeys "as long as it is efficient", you must be a sadist and quite probably an amateur vivisectionist.
Knechtel's pictures detail the extravagant inner-workings of the body, animal and human, to the point where the artist becomes a dandyish vivisectionist who presents a strong visual spiel about individuality, solitude, and teeming feelings of arousal.
Even the most optimistic vivisectionist will not claim that more than 10-20 per cent of animal experiments are of value.
However, when he is out walking Colin, the dog is kidnapped by an evil vivisectionist.
During the course of his adventures, Snake is injected with a virus and, with just ten hours to live, has to brave a crazed gunman, vivisectionist plastic surgeons and a lethal game of basketball.
With this in mind, the accusation that God himself is a vivisectionist represents a profoundly deep sense of anger.
Shampoo Bunnies, in which a cast of rabbits take a squirt of soap suds to the retina before rescuing a kindly vivisectionist.
Ajami has always been a harsh vivisectionist of Arab pathologies, and especially when the Arabs in question are Sunni.
There are similarities among these tools of pornography, the design of contemporary gynaecological chairs used to hold women and make their bodies accessible to the surgeon, and trade catalogues of vivisectionist apparatus, which were often displayed with 'photographs and drawings of animals fixed to boards with straps and cords, together with an array of scalpels and ovens, vices and saws'.
The Backdoor Blue Films Company opened its doors to both and they met on the set of Vivian the Vivisectionist.