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A dog of a medium-sized breed developed in Hungary for hunting, having a short rust-gold coat that is either smooth or wiry.

[Hungarian, of unknown origin.]


(Breeds) a breed of Hungarian hunting dog with a smooth rusty-gold coat
[C20: named after Vizsla, Hungary]


(ˈviz lə, ˈvis-, ˈvɪʒ-)

n., pl. -las.
one of a Hungarian breed of medium-sized hunting dogs with a short, smooth, rusty-gold coat.
[1940–45; < Hungarian; akin to Serbo-Croatian vȉžao spaniel, Polish wyżeł pointer, Russian výzhlets hound; ultimately source uncertain]
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Noun1.vizsla - Hungarian hunting dog resembling the Weimaraner but having a rich deep red coat
Spanish pointer, pointer - a strong slender smooth-haired dog of Spanish origin having a white coat with brown or black patches; scents out and points to game
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There have also been at least four reports of dogs - thought to be Rhodesian Ridge Backs or Hungarian Vizslas - worrying a flock of around 100 sheep opposite Hinchcliffe's Farm Shop in Netherton Moor Road, Netherton.
Granted, that instinct is stronger in some dogs than others, but the answer to that problem is to buy well-bred dogs from an established American breed--pointers, setters, Brittanys, GSPs, vizslas, and so on.
Beagles, Drahthaars, Vizslas, and other breeds have great reputations.
Hungarian vizslas are often called Velcro dogs because they stick to you like glue.
There are only about 2,000 wirehaired vizslas worldwide, said owner Anton Sagh, whose dog Falko is entered at Westminster.
The disease is usually fatal and has affected a range of breeds, including Border collies, Jack Russells, Hungarian vizslas, springer spaniels, cocker spaniels and a dober man.
Vizslas have a nice disposition and a strong desire to please, so they're easy to train; they also have a well developed protective instinct.
In one effort, the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is seeking DNA samples from 100 Vizslas to genetically map mast cell cancer in the breed.
Over the past three years, the cost of keeping the German Shepherds, Belgian Malinoises, Hungarian Vizslas and other breeds with keen noses on the government's payroll has nearly doubled from $52 million to more than $100 million.
It will be cold, and vizslas are a little thin-coated to be retrieving ducks in January.
com)-- Owner and founder of South Side Dogs, Frank Popolizio has recently announced that his organization has seen a great surge in demand for Vizslas.
Chelton, her very good friend and neighbor, Claire Koch, and three purebred Vizslas.