vocal music

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Noun1.vocal music - music intended to be performed by one or more singers, usually with instrumental accompaniment
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
2.Vocal music - music that is vocalized (as contrasted with instrumental music)vocal music - music that is vocalized (as contrasted with instrumental music)
music - musical activity (singing or whistling etc.); "his music was his central interest"
singing, vocalizing - the act of singing vocal music
song, strain - the act of singing; "with a shout and a song they marched up to the gates"
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His followers are all dancing on the plain, to their own vocal music.
Orthography, etymology, syntax, and prosody, biography, astronomy, geography, and general cosmography, the sciences of compound proportion, algebra, land-surveying and levelling, vocal music, and drawing from models, were all at the ends of his ten chilled fingers.
Sounds of gruff voices practising vocal music invade the evening's silence; and the fumes of choice tobacco scent the air.
Crisparkle's custom to sit up last of the early household, very softly touching his piano and practising his favourite parts in concerted vocal music.
From this room, ere yet the door was opened, proceeded a low and melancholy strain of vocal music.
There are many distinguished Chinese vocal music educators who have been teaching bel canto successfully in China, such as professor Xiao-Yan Zhou, who, in the fall of 2015, celebrated her 99th birthday and 75-year teaching career at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, and still teaches there every semester.
Swede sounds: The Santa Lucia Service with Ex Cathedra Academy of Vocal Music.
Proceeds will support vocal music education in area schools.
His formal education is in physics and electrical engineering, but he has devoted much of his studies to vocal music and speech.
Judging the contest were the owls from Ex-Cathedra Junior Academy of Vocal Music.
For individuals in the performing arts, this resource contains 8,783 listings of performing groups, both amateur and professional, in dance, instrumental music, vocal music, and theater, and series and festivals.
Kim Olander of co-sponsors Sandvik with Bill Cooper, consul of Belgium, Matias Gomez-Sanchez, consul for Spain, and Nigel Dace, consul for Iceland; Grete Neumeister, consul for Austria, David Gwyther consul for Sweden, Barry Davis, consul for Finland, Robert Mille, consul for France and Alfred Neumeister, consul general for Austria; A performance of Ex Cathedra's Academy of Vocal Music in Birmingham Cathedral