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The stressing of vocational training in education.

vo·ca′tion·al·ist n.


a preparation or training for a vocation
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Standards have caused administrators to consider history important, though their real appreciation for the discipline might still be related more to vocationalism and the testing/accountability culture rather than a learning/assessment culture.
to the question of vocationalism in schooling (to which Dewey, early in
One clear danger of this approach is that the old post-1944 'bipartite' system is reintroduced reinforcing class divisions - A-levels for the middle-classes and vocationalism for the 'masses'.
Clifford, "'Marry, Stitch, Die and Do Worse': Educating Women for Work," Work, Youth and Schooling: Historical Perspectives on Vocationalism in American Education, eds H.
He uses legal sources to chronicle the evolution of modern attitudes toward higher education, showing how the trajectories of college access litigation reflected the embrace of selectivity and institutional differentiation, the decline of de jure segregation, the rise of a contractual understanding of enrollment, and the triumph of vocationalism.
The major proponents of vocational education were proponents of Frederick Taylor, and promoted vocationalism in public school education to promote workplace efficiency through scientific management of the labour force (9).
Bragg (2001) and Lynch (2000) coined the term, "new vocationalism," to describe the emerging forms of vocational education that "focus on curriculum alignment, articulation, and integration between CTE and academic education, postsecondary education, and family-wage sustaining careers" (Bragg, 2007, p.
Clashing values: A longitudinal study of student beliefs of general education, vocationalism, and transfer of learning.
It measures the extent to which academic research fulfils a utilitarian function in terms of business and vocationalism.
Some of this derives from the growing vocationalism in American higher education, flowing from a desire that a college degree should lead reliably to gainful employment.
Are the humanities a luxury of the past while vocationalism and speed-learning are harbingers of the future, and should honors educators fight or accept a future-oriented stance?
The move suited the change from female vocationalism to "professionalism invested in service to the newly established National Health Service" (Miers, 2002, p.