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1. Having no voice; mute.
2. Linguistics Uttered without vibration of the vocal cords, as the sounds (t) and (p).

voice′less·ly adv.
voice′less·ness n.
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Noun1.voicelessness - a disorder of the vocal organs that results in the loss of voice
defect of speech, speech defect, speech disorder - a disorder of oral speech
2.voicelessness - speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cordsvoicelessness - speaking softly without vibration of the vocal cords
speaking, speech production - the utterance of intelligible speech
stage whisper - a loud whisper that can be overheard; on the stage it is heard by the audience but it supposed to be inaudible to the rest of the cast
3.voicelessness - having no voice in the management or control of affairs; "the voicelessness of those who live in situations of hopelessness"
impotence, impotency, powerlessness - the quality of lacking strength or power; being weak and feeble
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In the fourth chapter, Pickering-Iazzi considers mafia geographies of voicelessness.
The whole gimmick regarding the voicelessness of the "subaltern" was, I felt, a cynical ploy so that critics could usurp a voice and make of it what they wished.
According to researchers, the DREAMers live in constant fear of deportation and experience a sense of voicelessness, invisibility and limited opportunities, due to their conflicting undocumented status.
The enjambment emphasizes their voicelessness which stands in stark contrast with other poems by Rubens like "La estatua" and "Extravio," in which voice and agency are inseparable.
This sense of nothingness elucidates her voicelessness, hopelessness and powerlessness in her social world.
La violenta critica de Bonning Espitia no cesa aqui, sin embargo, al cuestionarse como inconscientemente ella, una terapeuta inmigrante no latina en los Estados Unidos "can [also] create experiences of invisibility, voicelessness, and psychological homelessness", manifestaciones no tradicionales de violencia, en relacion con sus clientes.
Instead of promoting voicelessness and powerlessness, the Council can and should launch an independent probe, engage in fact-checking, secondary and primary source verifications, and grapple with the monster and its kingdom of terror and violence for the scale of war crimes, brutality, and mendacity.
Jonathan and I talked one night about voicelessness, about how we live in an age where there is so much info out there but there is still this element of voicelessness around us all the time.
n and I talked one out voicelessness, we live in an age is so much info out ere is still this eleelessness around us nd then we came up of basing it loosely ermaid and it wenth ecological issues, , with fossil fuels.
But hip hop does not fall into a musical void any more than it falls into a social or political one; voicelessness (or voicedness) is not just about social and political structures but also about the local musical practices that reflect and sustain them.
What Webster dramatizes in this poem is thus not simply the powerful voice of Eulalie, but, ultimately, her voicelessness, made visible by Webster's insistence that Eulalie is not surrounded or "flanked" by auditors, but speaks alone, in the absence of the auditor whose absence is the sole guarantor of her power to speak thus: with self-command and impunity, the worst of truths.
It seems that voicelessness is in no language a primary underlying feature that would be completely independent of other vocalic features and/or of immediate phonetic context (Kuznetsova 2015).