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A graphic representation of an electronic recording of a person's voice, uniquely characteristic of the individual speaker.


(Electronics) a graphic representation of a person's voice recorded electronically, usually having time plotted along the horizontal axis and the frequency of the speech on the vertical axis



a graphic representation of a person's voice, showing the component frequencies as analyzed by a sound spectrograph.
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Noun1.voiceprint - biometric identification by electronically recording and graphically representing a person's voice; "voiceprints are uniquely characteristic of individual speakers"
biometric authentication, biometric identification, identity verification - the automatic identification of living individuals by using their physiological and behavioral characteristics; "negative identification can only be accomplished through biometric identification"; "if a pin or password is lost or forgotten it can be changed and reissued but a biometric identification cannot"


[ˈvɔɪsˌprɪnt] Nimpresión f vocal
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Instead, voice biometrics compares current utterances with stored voiceprints and often runs in the background without the customer ever knowing that such activity is taking place.
The match-in-sensor architecture for embedded speaker verification has been proven with fingerprint biometrics, but was previously unfeasible for voice biometrics because of the cost, complexity and vulnerabilities associated with acquiring voiceprints using traditional acoustic technology.
Nuance voice biometrics technology leads the industry, with over 60 million voiceprints deployed by its customers.
A recent AP survey of 10 leading voice biometric vendors found that more than 65 million people worldwide have had their voiceprints taken, and that several banks, including Barclays in Britain and Minneapolis-based US Bancorp, are in the process of introducing their customers to the technology.
While the number of voiceprints is increasing each day for both implementations, Sestek is on the brink of new projects with leading corporations.
This type of identifier covers fingerprints, voiceprints, and facial images.
Their voiceprints are verified during PhoneFactor authentication calls.
For fans of CSI and other crime shows, this 3-volume encyclopedia goes far to satisfying the reader's curiosity in all aspects of forensics, with entries on such topics as coroners, DNA typing, improvised explosive devices, Napoleon's death, voiceprints, and tattoo identification.
Prominent phoneticians and engineers spoke up against using voiceprints in court.
Unlike "fingerprints, voiceprints, retina characteristics and face recognition," an ADS document states, the VeriChip relies on "embedded, tamper-proof, microchip technology, which allows for non-invasive access to identification.
Because no names are associated with the voiceprints, the firm believes users will have no legal problems over data protection and privacy.