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adj. Heraldry
Having the central area cut out or left vacant, leaving an outline or narrow border: a voided lozenge.


1. (Heraldry) heraldry (of a design) with a hole in the centre of the same shape as the design: a voided lozenge.
2. rare having a void or made void


(ˈvɔɪ dɪd)

(of a heraldic charge) having the center removed so as to leave an outline.
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Voided race inquiry looms A TURF CLUB inquiry into the controversial voided race at Killarney last week could be held before the end of this week.
However, the difference was not significant for voided volume (p=0.
FIVE of the most high-profile voided horseraces in the UK 1993 Grand National was the first and only time the race has been voided 1The 2 In 2011 at Towcester no horses finished the race.
Uroflowmetry is a noninvasive procedure to calculate the flow rate of urine and total volume voided and the time taken for it.
The mean daytime voided volume was statistically lower in the OAB patients (171 mL), compared with the insomnia patients (246 mL) and controls (291 mL).
Patients who initially complained of voiding more than two times per night tended to show greater improvement than those who voided twice per night.