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n. cistograma, rayos-x de la vejiga.
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Voiding cystogram performed 10 days post-op did not demonstrate any extravasation or abnormal findings.
A voiding cystogram revealed an elongated 'teardrop' bladder with constant indentation and irregularity of the vesical dome suggestive of extrinsic compression with possible mural invasion (Fig.
A voiding cystogram was performed in all cases of neonatal hydronephrosis and in specific cases, if we suspected a vesicoureteral reflux.
Most experts recommend that a voiding cystogram be performed before the Foley catheter is discontinued; some, however, note that complete healing after repair of a bladder injury at cesarean delivery is to be expected, making a cystogram unnecessary.
Diagnostic images: renal ultrasound, voiding cystogram and renal gammagraphy.