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1. Flying or capable of flying: volant mammals.
2. Moving quickly or nimbly; agile.
3. Heraldry Depicted with the wings extended as in flying.

[Latin volāns, volant-, present participle of volāre, to fly. Sense 3, from French, from Old French, present participle of voler, to fly, from Latin volāre.]


1. (Heraldry) (usually postpositive) heraldry in a flying position
2. rare flying or capable of flight
3. poetic moving lightly or agilely; nimble
[C16: from French: flying, from voler to fly, from Latin volāre]


(ˈvoʊ lənt)

1. engaged in or having the power of flight.
2. moving lightly; nimble.
3. (of a heraldic bird) having the wings extended for flight.
[1500–10; < French, present participle of voler to fly < Latin volāre]
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Adj.1.volant - with wings extended in a flying position
heraldry - the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies
winged - having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";
References in classic literature ?
He lookd and saw a spacious Plaine, whereon Were Tents of various hue; by some were herds Of Cattel grazing: others, whence the sound Of Instruments that made melodious chime Was heard, of Harp and Organ; and who moovd Thir stops and chords was seen: his volant touch Instinct through all proportions low and high Fled and pursu'd transverse the resonant fugue.
Alors qu'il etait au volant de sa voiture, sur l'autoroute Casablanca-Rabat, il a devie de son chemin et a percute un arbre.
Review CONCERT: Trio Volant and Leanne Cody VENUE: St.
Il fut invite dans plusieurs festivals partout dans le Monde, tels que le festival de jazz de Ouagadougou, le festival Tribute to Africa organise par l'ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations), le festival [beaucoup moins que] Tapis volant [beaucoup plus grand que], organise par l'AMI (association d'Aide aux Musiques innovatrices), ou encore la 11e edition du Festival du monde arabe de Montreal.
The hotel's dining options will include Cochon Volant, a French bistro serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, a French bakery, and a 5500ft2 rooftop bar.
She has also served in marketing roles for UNREAL Brands, Volant Skis and the Boston Breakers/Women's United Soccer Association.
Vasiliyev, au volant de MINI, a parcouru l'etape de 295 km de secteurs selectifs et 66 km de parcours, en 2h54:00 a une minute d'avance sur l'Argentin Orlando Terranova (MINI).
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), vainqueur l'an dernier au volant d'une McLaren, et Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), qui croit toujours au titre mondial, veulent enrayer la domination de Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), demain dimanche au Grand Prix de Hongrie de Formule 1.
Our last show, 'Dinner for Pricks', was about a fantastical French restaurant Le Cigare Volant where the actors were seated amongst the guests.
Volant Passenger Vehicle Solutions, based in Aldridge, currently employs two Remit apprentices.
when it was revealed to her that her ancestor, Frenchman Louis Volant had joined the 16th Territorial Infantry Regiment in 1914.
Rowling was curious to pursue her late mother's French lineage and, in particular, her great-grandfather Louis Volant, and just what he did to earn the prestigious Legion d'honneur during World War One.