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Excuse me, I was looking for the Weekly Volcano office.
He was like a tiny little volcano that lies silent for days and then suddenly spouts fire.
So that though Moby Dick had in a former year been seen, for example, on what is called the Seychelle ground in the Indian ocean, or Volcano Bay on the Japanese Coast; yet it did not follow, that were the pequod to visit either of those spots at any subsequent corresponding season, she would infallibly encounter him there.
The firm tower, that is Ahab; the volcano, that is Ahab; the courageous, the undaunted, and victorious fowl, that, too, is Ahab; all are Ahab; and this round gold is but the image of the rounder globe, which, like a magician's glass, to each and every man in turn but mirrors back his own mysterious self.
shouting, stamping, singing, a very volcano of energy.
He folded his arms, tightly pressed in his lips, but a whole volcano of bitter feelings burned in his bosom, and sent streams of fire through his veins.
There it was, as sure a fact and as substantial a fact as any serene volcano, standing innocent with its smokeless summit in the blue sky and giving no sign of the rising hell in its bowels.
An explosion of a smouldering volcano long suppressed, was the result of an internal contest more easily conceived than described.
de Bonaparte; do not conceal anything, however serious, -- let us see, the Island of Elba is a volcano, and we may expect to have issuing thence flaming and bristling war -- bella, horrida bella.
The moaning of waves, the noise of thunder, the roaring of a volcano, cannot be compared with the tempest of cries heard at that moment.
That the land may have been thrown up by a submarine volcano is as possible as anything else.
Hitherto he had been deeply agitated by his emotions; but now the volcano burst its boundaries.