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Small and cheap shares were highly demanded as dealers were concerned over the decision of several companies to withdraw from the market volitionally, negatively impacting on small investors and dealers, he pointed out.
The ability of subjects to volitionally command a six DoF VH into seven functional postures was quantified (Figure 7) using the average CR, MT, and PE performance metrics for each subject (S1-S4).
Self-injury (SI) is nonsuicidal, volitionally self-inflicted harm to the body that is not socially sanctioned (Klonsky, Muehlenkamp, Lewis, & Walsh, 2011); suicide attempts involve self-injurious behavior with the intent to die (Claes et ah, 2010).
This work gives ample freedom of expression to the various, often sophisticated arguments of the volitionally hellhound, such as this from a character Lewis calls the "Episcopal Ghost": "For me there is no such thing as a final answer.
standing in a childlike, volitionally submissive relationship to God as
2) Similar effects of sleep loss have not been observed in any other species, including humans (and notably, neither humans nor rats can volitionally go without sleep for more than a few days, meaning that nonvolitional behavioral methods or pharmacological methods must then be used to maintain wakefulness).
Rand takes moral obligation to be an application of the principle of conditional necessity, that is, of bringing about the causal requirements of a goal that one has volitionally set.
Individuals in the introductory stage should exhibit minimal self-determination relative to the brand community, whereas individuals in the identification stage may exhibit varying degrees of self-determination depending in large part on their disposition to act volitionally.
illnesses will be rendered cognitively or volitionally impaired.