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Noun1.volleyball net - the high net that separates the two teams and over which the volleyball must passvolleyball net - the high net that separates the two teams and over which the volleyball must pass
net - game equipment consisting of a strip of netting dividing the playing area in tennis or badminton
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With respect to the fact that most injuries take place near the volleyball net while descending after defend (63%) or attack (29%), it is suggested to decrease the probability of injury by changing some rules, technical training and use of ankle supporters [2].
He suggests that a volleyball net could be a permanent feature of Centre Square and other open areas in the town centre could be used for sports.
The site also included a library, a volleyball net and a large blue tarp strung up on three magnolia trees.
A portable outdoor volleyball net was placed in the middle of the calibrated motion analysis volume.
The equipment consists of a portable volleyball net, volleyballs, soccer balls, cones, bibs and stop watches.
In the gym, where I held court underneath the volleyball net, the audience of about 24 ladies were attentive and intelligent.
They positioned a sliding table, holding enticing red bowls full of yummy corn, some distance away from a volleyball net.
Verdugo Hills of Tujunga and North Hollywood will sit on separate benches today, their players will stare through the volleyball net at each other and only one group will emerge victorious on the scoreboard.
New NIVEA Deodorant Double Effect's innovative formula, enriched with natural avocado extracts, helps to achieve soft, smooth underarms that will have you stretching over the volleyball net and reaching for the ice-cold lemonade without fear.
Deer try to scrape off this itchy layer by rubbing their antlers against trees and shrubs--or even volleyball net poles The tangled net will fall off along with the deer's antlers sometime in February
I rigged up a rope in the steeply sloping garden to serve as a volleyball net and, if one boy fell over and cut his head on the garden wall, which necessitated cutting some of his hair with nail scissors so a plaster could be applied, then he was hardly the worse for his experience.
For those of you who are regulars, you will know I am now in Nova Scotia, spraining my ankles on shoreline rocks, slipping on the seaweed, walking the beaches, disappearing in the fog, dodging lobsters (I'm allergic), promising my daughter I'll get that volleyball net up (like every year) and generally hiding from the world as best I can.