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 (vŏl′plān′, vôl′-)
intr.v. vol·planed, vol·plan·ing, vol·planes
a. To glide toward the earth in an airplane with the engine cut off.
b. To glide toward the earth with the engine cut off. Used of an airplane.
2. To make one's way or go by gliding.
The act or an instance of volplaning.

[From French vol plané, gliding flight : vol, flight (from Old French, from voler, to fly; see volley) + plané, gliding, past participle of planer, to glide; see plane3.]


vb (intr)
(Aeronautics) aviation to glide towards the ground with no engine power



v.i. -planed, -plan•ing,
to glide toward the earth in an airplane with no motor power or with the power shut off.
[1905–10; < French]
vol′plan`ist, n.
References in classic literature ?
But the reason I volplaned over the fence was so I could have a talk with you about the Hoppers.
I didn't have much to locate you by other than the general direction, but it seems that you volplaned a considerable distance toward the south after you disappeared from my view behind the hills.
It was dawn, but white dawn only, Under the reign of Leucothea, As we volplaned, so it seemed, from the lake Past the lighthouse into the river.
I saw Cordova looming through swirling cloud and fog, the anchored fishing vessels showing first, moored inside the jut of breakwater, the grocery and hardware store passing beneath us as we volplaned over the wood-sided houses and dipped into Eak Lake, bumping down into the choppy water, the floatplane buffeted by gusting winds.