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1. Having great volume or size: a voluminous trunk; a voluminous cloud.
2. Filling or capable of filling a large volume or many volumes: the voluminous court record of the trial.
3. Speaking or writing in great amounts or at great length: a voluminous talker.
4. Archaic Having many coils; winding.

[Late Latin volūminōsus, having many folds, from Latin volūmen, volūmin-, roll of writing; see volume.]

vo·lu′mi·nos′i·ty (-nŏs′ĭ-tē), vo·lu′mi·nous·ness (-nəs-nĭs) n.
vo·lu′mi·nous·ly adv.
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Noun1.voluminosity - greatness of volume
bigness, largeness - the property of having a relatively great size
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2009) Claiming more: the increased voluminosity of patent applications and its determinants.
Although in this and in other areas there have been and continue to be people who engage in fraud for personal gain, last time I checked with parapsychology researchers, I could not find anyone who would be considered wealthy, and their waists did not evidence a greater voluminosity than typically found in academic circles.
Stability reaches its fulfillment in the mapping of the voluminosity of things and their arrangement in a "lived perspective," a constructive depth not viewed from the outside as one unified spatial perspectival depth of the painting but as a depth that is bulging into all directions from within each and every object of the artistic vision.