pharyngeal reflex

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Noun1.pharyngeal reflex - normal reflex consisting of retching; may be produced by touching the soft palate in the back of the mouth
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nucleus tractus solitarius, area postrema), which are responsible for the co-ordination of the efferent limb of the vomiting reflex.
9 This is due to the sense of numbness produced in the sensitive palate and pharyngeal areas that may be subject to the vomiting reflex.
Modulation of SP activity offered a radical new approach to the management of depression, anxiety, stress and is involved in several physiologic activities, including the vomiting reflex, defensive behavior, change in cardio-vascular tone, stimulation of salivary secretion, smooth muscle contraction and vasodilatation [3,4].
Vomiting reflex can be caused by somatic or psychic factors as well as labyrinth disorders.
10 The chemotactic trigger zone (CTZ) is a region in the brainstem thought to play a significant role in the vomiting reflex.