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Having no vote; denied a vote or the right to vote.


(ˈvoʊt lɪs)

1. lacking or without a vote.
2. denied the right to vote.
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Adj.1.voteless - deprived of the rights of citizenship especially the right to vote; "labor was voiceless"; "disenfrenchised masses took to the streets"
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Ely writes: [E]ven before the enactment of the Equal Protection Clause, the Supreme Court was prepared at least under certain conditions to protect the interests of minorities that were not literally voteless by constitutionally tying their interests to those of groups that did possess political power - and, what is the same thing, by intervening to protect such interests when it appeared that such a guarantee of 'virtual representation' was not being provided.
They accepted the idea that members of Parliament "virtually" represented even voteless inhabitants of Britain.
They have effectively been made voteless because they will always be out-voted by the majority who live in the industrial south and north-east and always vote Labour.
But it will also have major repercussions for a voiceless and voteless constituency - our wild animals.
the power structure which governs the voteless capital of the greatest
He also said, "a voteless people are a powerless people"--voters must end our powerlessness.
But for voteless expatriates, Rajapaksa's re-election underscores a question first raised when the Tigers were vanquished: What role can the Tamil diaspora now play in their homeland's future?