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semicircular arch
A. keystone
B. voussoirs
C. springers
D. imposts


One of the wedge-shaped stones forming the curved parts of an arch or vaulted ceiling.

[French, from Old French vossoir, from Vulgar Latin *volsōrium, from *volsus, past participle of Latin volvere, to turn, roll; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]


(Architecture) a wedge-shaped stone or brick that is used with others to construct an arch or vault
[C18: from French, from Vulgar Latin volsōrium (unattested), ultimately from Latin volvere to turn, roll]



any of the pieces in the shape of a truncated wedge that form an arch or vault.
[1325–75; < French; replacing Middle English vousor(i)e < Anglo-French; Old French volsoir < Vulgar Latin *volsōrium=*volt(us) (for Latin volūtus), past participle of volvere to turn + -tōrium -tory2]
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Noun1.voussoir - wedge-shaped stone building block used in constructing an arch or vault
arch - (architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it
building block - a block of material used in construction work
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There were also the remains of the late-Roman buildings, some re-used Roman columns and voussoir stones - the interlocking stones from Roman arches.
Network Rail Infrastructure Projects, listed building consent for raking out and re-pointing all open joints and pointing of fractures greater than 5mm and stitching of displaced voussoir blocks and re-pointing of fractures, Milne (Longwood) Viaduct, Crow Lane, Huddersfield.
Until the topmost voussoir, the keystone, is positioned the vault is not self-supporting.
The design concept is based on the reinforced Voussoir arch concept, illustrated in Figure 2.
Whether arches or flat lintels spanned these columns is unclear; only one displaced voussoir has been recognised so far.
Construction of a storm basin (volume 8000 mA) by drilling tunneling voussoir over a length of +/- 470 m with a tolerance of +/- 100 m without receiving well.