vox humana

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vox hu·ma·na

 (hyo͞o-mā′nə, -mä′-, -măn′ə)
n. Music
An organ reed stop that produces tones imitative of the human voice.

[New Latin vōx hūmāna : Latin vōx, voice + Latin hūmāna, feminine of hūmānus, human.]

vox humana

(Music, other) a reed stop on an organ supposedly imitative of the human voice
[C18: from Latin: human voice]
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Noun1.vox humana - an organ reed stop producing tones imitative of the human voice
reed stop - an organ stop with the tone of a reed instrument
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At that time, Vox Humana was in the planning stages, and we shared information concerning "trade" journals.
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