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Variant of volcanism.


(Geological Science) a variant of volcanism


(ˈvɒl kəˌnɪz əm)

also vulcanism

the phenomena connected with volcanoes and volcanic activity.
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Simply stated, Ian Lange's "Volcanoes" will prove to be a valued addition to community and academic library Geology & Science collections, as well as the personal lists of nons-specialist general readers with an interest in vulcanism.
Here, also recent vulcanism and the overprint of vegetation have produced soil containing much clay at higher altitudes with more rainfall.
The onset of the Late Cretaceous transgression in the earliest Cenomanian occurred with the change of the subsidence style in the BCB from a phase of rifting subsidence (with important crustal thinning; Late Albian) to a phase of post-rift subsidence (less active fault-related subsidence and relative crustal cooling after a major phase of vulcanism during the Late Albian; e.
For example, the Trans-Mexico Volcanic Belt (TM Volcanic Belt) began to form in the Miocene (Ferrusquia-Villafranca, 2007), but vulcanism in the eastern corner of the volcanic belt is still active today.
The researchers, thus, conclude that an increase in carbon dioxide levels caused by extremely strong vulcanism was accompanied by a decrease of atmospheric oxygen.