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a. Susceptible to physical harm or damage: trees that are vulnerable to insects;
b. Susceptible to emotional injury, especially in being easily hurt: a lonely child who is vulnerable to teasing.
c. Susceptible to attack: "We are vulnerable both by water and land, without either fleet or army" (Alexander Hamilton).
d. Open to censure or criticism; assailable: The mayor is vulnerable to criticism on the issue.
2. Games In a position to receive greater penalties or bonuses in a hand of bridge. In a rubber, used of the pair of players who score 100 points toward game.

[Late Latin vulnerābilis, wounding, from Latin vulnerāre, to wound, from vulnus, vulner-, wound; see welə- in Indo-European roots.]

vul′ner·a·bil′i·ty, vul′ner·a·ble·ness n.
vul′ner·a·bly adv.
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Adv.1.vulnerably - in a vulnerable mannervulnerably - in a vulnerable manner    
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Hospital viability is now vulnerably reliant on the success of a single organizational venture: financial system transformation.
One of the ways in which we support the community is through a range of social enterprises - for example, our fashion students run a pop-up shop in Coventry selling redesigned counterfeit clothes whose proceeds go to the Coventry Cyrenians charity to help homeless and vulnerably housed people.
The form of the novel--a creative nonfiction assignment--written by Normandy Pale, a Grade 11 student at an Nanaimo arts school is a supple vehicle engagingly embodying the concerns of the novel as does every element--the prickly, vulnerably real characters, the intensity and volatility of their friendships and thorny family relationships.
The Day Service will provide a friendly and accessible engagement, advice and support service to rough sleepers and those vulnerably housed in Tower Hamlets and the City of London Corporation to reduce and prevent rough sleeping in the 2 boroughs.
According to Kyoko and Mwangi (2009), "By teaching vulnerably, we not only challenge students to come out of their comfort zones and embrace their fears, but also ask them to trust us with their intellectual possibilities and their emotional and ideological uncertainties" (p.
Sun drying is a cheap method for drying but often results to poorer quality of products due to its dependence of weather conditions and vulnerably to the attack of dust, dirt, rains, insects, pests, and microorganisms [3].
2 million registered refugees] is placing on this country and its people, but we have an international responsibility and mandate to make sure that refugees who are in extremely vulnerably situations can receive the protection they need.
The groom is uncertain too, his gaze faltering vulnerably, his hand partially covering his mouth.
That circuit was very strong and active in the brains of smokers," Petre notes, "but we saw a dramatic drop in this circuit's activity in smokers who--of their own free will--quit smoking during the study, so when they stopped smoking, their vulnerably to chronic pain also decreased.
One song is full-on rock, and the next sparse percussion and keys with his vulnerably beautiful voice way up front.
Anastasia is seen getting undressed showing her back in one scene while in another she lies vulnerably on a huge bed, with shirtless Christian seducing her.
These powers should be in Scotland's hands to allow us to use the welfare state to support vulnerably people and end the scourge of homelessness in Scotland for good.