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n. pl. vul·vas also vul·vae (-vē)
The external genitals of the female, including the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, and vestibule of the vagina.

[Latin, womb, covering; see wel- in Indo-European roots.]

vul′val, vul′var (-vər, -vär′), vul′vate′ (-vāt′, -vĭt) adj.
vul′vi·form′ (-və-fôrm′) adj.
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Adj.1.vulval - of or relating to the vulva


a. vulvar, rel. a la vulva.
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The team has established a vulval sentinel lymph node imagining service across three sites.
Cervical and ovarian you probably know, but vulval, vaginal and womb cancer are all growing threats too.
There are five types of gynaecological cancer - womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal.
The Eve Appeal is the only UK national charity raising awareness and funding research in the five gynaecological cancers - ovarian, womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval.
Recurrent infections are uncommon as a presentation, occurring in only two per cent, although oral and vulval thrush has been reported more commonly (Diabetes UK, 2012).
Distress and anger prompted the recollection of my first debilitating years with vulval pain, or vulvodynia: the crisis.
In addition, BritSPAG recommends that adolescents seeking labiaplasty should be provided with information on labial anatomy and its development, diversity in vulval appearance, the unknowns about labiaplasty, measures for managing labial discomfort, and, where distress is significant, the importance of psychological assessment.
DelveInsight's, Vulval Atrophy -API Insights, 2014 Report describes the current therapeutics that are propelling the pharmaceutical markets worldwide.
Others are cervical, vulval, penile, head, neck and throat.
HT for the management of VMS is not contraindicated in survivors of vulval, vaginal or cervical cancer.
17-19] Symptoms suggestive of VVC included vulval pruritus, vulval soreness, superficial dyspareunia, and/or non-offensive vaginal discharge.
Clinical signs seen by a physician may include vulval varicosities extending on to the medial thigh and long saphenous vein territory as well as tenderness on deep palpitation at the ovarian point.