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n. Western US
Variant of waddy2.
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Lukesh's "Eagle of Delight: Portrait of the Plains Indian Girl in the White House" (Field Mouse) for Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction; Waddie Mitchell and Juni Fisher's "Still There" (Red Geetar Music) for Best Western Song; Brett Cogburn's "Cabin Fever" (High Hill Press) for Best Western Short Fiction Story; Amy Glynn Greacen's "Chamise" (Orion) for Best Western Poem; and "Indian Relay" by M.
WADDIE FRED June 27, 2011 Peacefully in Southport Hospital after a short illness.
I met Waddie Mitchell, who performs tonight at the Shedd, in a rural Idaho courthouse during a fall sleet storm in 1982.
People also called him a cattleboy, cowpuncher, cowpoke, drover, wrangler, vaquero, buckaroo, ranahan, rannie, and waddie.
This year, the Santa Clarita festival drew such favorites as Waddie Mitchell, Baxter Black, Don Edwards, the Sons of the San Joaquin and dozens of other singers, poets, performers and craftsmen.
He joked with Captain Alison Waddie, 27, about her aim when she revealed she was the forward observation officer who had directed the artillery fire.
Capt Waddie, a Royal Artillery officer from the Trinity area of Edinburgh, said afterwards: 'He said I had been pretty accurate which was clever of him to know because there was a lot of smoke.
th] Gathering line-up includes cowboy poets Baxter Black, Paul Zarzyski, Waddie Mitchell, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Joel Nelson, Doris Daley, Pat Richardson, Randy Rieman and many others.