wade in

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To walk heavily, slowly, and with difficulty:
phrasal verb
wade in or into
1. To move or thrust at, under, or into the midst of with sudden force:
2. To start work on vigorously:
Idiom: hop to it.

w>wade in

(fig inf) (= join in a fight, controversy)sich einmischen (inf); (= tackle problem etc)sich voll reinstürzen or -werfen (inf), → sich hineinknien (inf); the new boss waded in with a few staff changesder neue Chef hat sich gleich mächtig ins Zeug gelegt und ein paar Umbesetzungen vorgenommen (inf)
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Southey trusts that this book will suit every one, "that the lamb may wade in it, though the elephant may swim, and also that it will be found 'very entertaining to the ladies.
Wade and Barney clash in the other semi and Skybet go 11-8 that just like 12 months ago The Power beats Wade in the final.
And remember, we should still talk about Wade in terms of potential - he is only 25, and still has some growing up to do.