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1. A small mass of soft material, often folded or rolled, used for padding, stuffing, or packing.
2. A compressed ball, roll, or lump, as of tobacco or chewing gum.
a. A plug, as of cloth or paper, used to retain a powder charge in a muzzleloading gun or cannon.
b. A disk, as of felt or paper, used to keep the powder and shot in place in a shotgun cartridge.
4. Informal A large amount: a wad of troubles.
5. Informal
a. A sizable roll of paper money.
b. A considerable amount of money.
6. Vulgar Slang An ejaculation of semen.
tr.v. wad·ded, wad·ding, wads
1. To compress into a wad: wad a candy wrapper.
2. To pad, pack, line, or plug with wadding: wad a keyhole.
a. To hold (shot or powder) in place with a wad.
b. To insert a wad into (a firearm).

[Origin unknown.]
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Noun1.wads - a large number or amountwads - a large number or amount; "made lots of new friends"; "she amassed stacks of newspapers"
large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity - an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude
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But within a short amount of time the WADS began providing critical communications relay between the Texas Emergency Operations Center, rescue coordination centers, joint terminal air controllers and the U.
Shotshells that use shot-retaining wads like Flitecontrol have one charactiristic that sometimes rears its ugly head, ballistic engineer have told me.
The use of wads in pistol ammo is unwise nonetheless.
Thanks for your reply however, its still not clear what wads are the best and what is unsafe?
The current is swift, leading less maneuverable craft directly into the root wads, deputies cautioned.
When asked if authorities were already able to connect WADS to Veloso's recruiters Maria Kristina Sergio and Julius Lacanilao, Espina said: Very soon magkakaroon yan.
The powder charge is placed in the cylinder chamber, a wad is placed over the powder if desired, and an oversized round ball is seated using the built in rammer under the sixgun barrel.
Unfortunately for them, the wad of cash they stole had no shekels a but consisted of liras, the Israeli pound currency that was retired and replaced in 1980.
Before we rolled out the additional 130 Wads awarded to us as part of the 2012 LSTA grant, we experimented with Apple Configurator and knew that despite its many flaws, we would need a way to track app licensing and sync multiple devices with the addition of this many Wads to our library.
When contacted, a well-placed official at SBP requesting on anonymity told the bank gives 5 wads of Rs 10 fresh notes, and one wad of Rs 20, 50 and 100 each to an individual on showing Computerized National Identity Card No (CNIC) which amounts to Rs 22,000 in total.
The 1960s brought the idea of making the entire wad column a single unit by using additional material to join the plastic over-powder and over-shot wads.
For light loads, old-fashioned card wads can be used as filler to take up space in the shot cup.