wage concession

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Noun1.wage concession - an agreement to raise wages
concession - a point conceded or yielded; "they won all the concessions they asked for"
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2) Under what conditions will the public sector union choose to offer a wage concession as a strategy for blocking the private sector from producing the publicly funded good?
However, in the early 1980's, a number of companies added alternate pay systems in exchange for wage concession in union contracts.
From the firm's perspective, it is important to determine the smallest wage concession for which it would be worthwhile to offer the inducement.
The manager has been able to maintain employee morale despite a 22% wage concession in 1984, and upcoming concessions that Lucky, Eagle's corporate parent, has requested this year.
If the Teamsters ratify continuation of the wage concession package, YRC said its improved financial picture will allow the company to increase its investment in new tractors, trailers, technology, and the training and developing of its employees.
FITCHBURG - The city's firefighters have agreed to a 3 percent wage concession that will prevent layoffs and maintain the same number of engine companies that operated in fiscal 2009.
5 million annually from its 7 percent wage concession covering its 7,500 Teamsters.
Parameter estimates are presented in columns 1--6; the corresponding estimates of the impact of the independent variables on the probability of a wage concession outcome are given in columns 1'--6'.
ABF had sued the Teamsters in order to obtain concessions similar to those won by its chief unionized rival YRC Worldwide, which is operating with a 15 percent wage concession through 2015.
Wong had estimated a trash fee would generate $800,000, the same that a 3 percent wage concession from all city unions would realize.