wage freeze

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Noun1.wage freeze - a freeze of wages at a given level
freeze - fixing (of prices or wages etc) at a particular level; "a freeze on hiring"
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A PAYPA divide is opening up, with some Y divide is opening up, with some workers enjoying rises of two per cent or more while others are hit by a wage freeze, new research has shown.
The contestants will have to assure that they will lift the wage freeze if they are to receive the help of the trade unions, said ZCTU Secretary General Roy Mwaba.
BRUSSELS, Nov 6 (KUNA) -- An estimated 100,000 people demonstrated here on Thursday in protest against the austerity programme of the new Belgian government which includes a two-year wage freeze.
HARARE (CyHAN)- Zambia's largest trade union warned on Wednesday that it will organize countrywide mass demonstrations if the government does not lift the wage freeze imposed on public workers.
9%, a third were over 3% and only a handful involved a wage freeze.
Stop the wage freeze for public sector workers, stop the benefits wage freeze, end the bedroom tax, stop the cuts to all disability benefits, stop the cuts to the universal benefits for the pensioners, do not introduce a total welfare benefit cap.
The labour deal reportedly requires workers to accept a wage freeze and to give up some of their fringe benefits.
The union's Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby said: "Many thousands of our members have suffered three years of wage freeze.
The STUC say thousands of lower paid public sector workers face a pounds 1000 loss, in real terms, this year as a result of the Nats' wage freeze.
But their proposing a wage freeze obviously doesn't help to foster that kind of relationship.
Almost immediately after it imposed a wage freeze in 1992, the unemployment total came down.
Qantas Airways maintenance workers staged strike action on Thursday (29 November) over a wage freeze being proposed by the Australian carrier.