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v. wag·gled, wag·gling, wag·gles
To move (an attached part, for example) with short, quick motions: waggled her foot impatiently.
To move shakily; wobble: waggled down the steps.
A wobbling motion.

[Middle English wagelen, frequentative of waggen; see wag1.]

wag′gly adj.


(ˈwæg li)

adj. -gli•er, -gli•est.


adj (= loose)wackelig; hipswackelnd; tailwedelnd
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And it's not just the recent sexual harassment stories that have been throwing up awkward questions at home - everywhere I turn there seems to be an adult theme needing censoring for a girl with big waggly ears.
The North East didn't feature in the Prime Minister's tweets about the Northern Powerhouse this week and maps currently show some vague waggly lines heading up past York and then the maps go blank.
It's a cross between Harry Potter and - with that waggly tuft when Mr Majeika did magic - the Teletubbies.
The kids may be desperate (my eldest daughter keeps sneakily adding 'Buy a dog' in my diary) but I'm just window shopping for one with a waggly tail.