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 (wä-hē′nē, -nā′) also va·hi·ne (vä-)
1. Hawaii A Polynesian woman.
2. Slang A woman surfer.

[Hawaiian, from Proto-Polynesian *fafine.]


(Anthropology & Ethnology) (esp in the Pacific islands) a Polynesian or Māori woman, esp a girlfriend or wife
[C19: from Māori and Hawaiian]


(wɑˈhi ni, -neɪ)

n., pl. -ne.
1. a Polynesian woman, esp. in Hawaii or New Zealand.
2. Slang. a young woman surfer.
[1835–45; < Hawaiian or Maori]
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Its International Womens Day and I stand proud alongside my fellow wahine as a mother, a grandmother, a politician, a wife and a fisherman (in no particular order) as an example of what we can do and what we can be given the opportunities.
Nineteen of the cases presented are feminist judgments using a feminist analytical framework, while six of the cases are examined using an approach based on aemana wahine,AE which is the application of Maori values related to womenAEs lives.
I will not allow my mana wahine to be trampled on--then and now.
Among them is 12-year-old surfing champion Vea Estrellado (Philippine Wahine Classic 2014, first runner-up of Majestic Surfing Cup 2014, second-runner-up Aurora Surfing Challenge 2015, among other surfing events in the country).
22 Hawaii in Honolulu last Friday in front of 7,846 - the highlight of a three-win weekend at the Wahine Volleyball Classic tournament.
The Wahine and Kane categories will also include Makuahine (gracious ladies), Kupuna wahine, and makuakane (elder men) and hula solo and hula group performances.
Sally Watson has continued her bid to regain a place in the GB&I squad for next June's Curtis Cup at Nairn by finishing seventh in the Rainbow Wahine Invitational women's college tournament at Kapolei on Hawaii.
He has taken the Rainbow Wahine to four national championships.
MEMORIAL TO THE WAHINE DISASTER A clifftop structure commemorates one of New Zealand's worst maritime disasters, the sinking of the Wahine ferry in 1968 with the loss of 53 lives.
9 Bruins 25-23, 25-18, 25-22 at the Rainbow Wahine Classic in Honolulu.
The Wahine Disaster premiered on Maori TV in April - to mark the 40th anniversary of the sea catastrophe.