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 (wā′trŏn′, -trən)
n. Informal
A waiter or waitress.

[Alteration of waiter.]


a waiter or waitress


(ˈweɪ trɒn, -trən)
a person of either sex who waits on tables; waiter or waitress.
[1970–75, Amer.; wait(er) or waitr(ess) + (automat)on, suggesting robotic activity, or (neu)tron, suggesting neuter gender, or formed on analogy of patron]


- A person, male or female, who waits on tables at a restaurant.
See also related terms for tables.
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As we sit down in a coffee shop in the mall, he attempts to have a conversation in the Sotho language with the waitron.
Political correctness has brought about a new vocabulary of words into our culture with terms like homophobic, multicultural, Eurocentric, disadvantaged, physically challenged, carbon footprint, sex worker, lookism, fattist, phallocentric, waitron, wimmin, differently abled, and DWEM (dead white European males).
And if you don't have faith in your waitron, you can always ask to speak to the resident wine expert.
If you don't see what you want on the menu please ask your waitron.
She introduced the children to the new word waitron, a nonsexist alternative to waiter and waitress, that the children decided to use in their restaurant.
Among the words new to this third edition are El Nino, metafiction, minimalist, outplacement, s/he, ghost net, sacred baboon, waitron, Mirandize, narrowcast, women's studies, granny flat, sunspace, and comfort food.
You choose two options, or three, if the charming French waitron likes you.
The rest of our feint-hearted neighbours ran inside, pursued by anguished waitrons.
More than 99," came the answer from one of the waitrons sporting perpetually toothy grins.
Waitrons also tested positive for elevated levels of nicotine.
Are you all set, the waitrons say, all set is ready or over, Finished I'm not, even though you're (can't do that) They say, I guess the music's messing up my sense of time, Time, time, said Hoelderlin, time Is letterly precise and all barmhearty, My rhymes are fading, my head Too, it is too late, too late, I want to find some final note of peace, I can't, I cain't, I cain't, .