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A brown seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) native to East Asia and naturalized elsewhere, having a short stipe and pinnately divided blades, and used in Asian cooking.

[Japanese, from Old Japanese (perhaps originally meaning "young, soft seaweed harvested in spring" ) : possibly waka-, young + -me, seaweed (as in nikime, a kind of wakame).]


(wæˈkæmɪ) or


(Cookery) an edible seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, used in Japan and China
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Above: Chef Duval shows off some Asian chops with a vegetable spring roll and wakame salad.
Studies have found brown seaweed, also known as wakame and commonly used to flavour Asian soups and salads, contains a fatburning compound that can encourage weight loss.
Written by Yokohama City University creative writing teacher Holly Thompson and illustrated by Tokyo-born artist Kazumi Wilds, The Wakame Gatherers is a children's picturebook about a young girl, Nanami, who has two grandmothers on opposite sides of the ocean: Gram in Maine and Baachan in Japan.
gt;Noteworthy: Enjoy the wakame (seaweed) salad ($5.
Every morning, JAL serves a fine selection of hot food items for breakfast ranging from bacon, sausage and scrabbled eggs to tofu, wakame (seaweed) miso soup and freshly cooked Uonuma Koshihikari rice from Niigata.
3 medium pieces each dried sea vegetables such as wakame and kombu 1 cup dried shiitake mushrooms, (chop after soaked) 2 cups of warm water to soak seaweed and mushrooms, save for soup 1 medium onion cut in hall and sliced thin 4 medium cloves garlic, chopped 1 Tbsp minced fresh ginger 1 Tbsp chopped dulse seaweed 3 cups chicken or vegetable broth 6 oz firm tofu cut into 1/4 inch cubes 6 oz small shrimp 1 Tbsp rice vinegar 2 Tbsp mirin rice wine 2 Tbsp chopped cilantro 3 Tbsp soy sauce 2 Tbsp minced scallion salt and white pepper to taste Rinse and soak sea vegetables in warm water.
The menu will also feature traditional Japanese soups such as miso soup with wakame seaweed and tofu.
To them the brown seaweed Undaria pinnatifida is known as wakame and as such it's a key ingredient in miso soup and other Japanese and Asian dishes.
Yet here, there is an enormous range of types and names: hijiki, nori, wakame, konbu, et cetera (and that's a big "et cetera").
The active ingredients here are wakame - a brown seaweed from Japan-and essential vitamin A.
Contaminated wakame seaweed was implicated in one of the outbreaks and considered the likely cause in another (11).
Two of the others opted for the tangerine & shoyu mussel broth with pak choi & wakame, which they had tried before and were eager to sample again.