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You two would walk away together and I would walk away ALONE.
The winners of the 21km race will walk away with P4 000 for both males and females, while their runner ups in positions two and three will walk away with P2 000 and P1 500 respectively.
Although the exact figures have yet to be revealed, winners can often walk away with hundreds of thousands of pounds.
A marquee will be set up at Burnhopeside Hall for the event, which could see locals walk away with life-changing amounts of money.
My problem is, do I walk away and let them be happy and hurt myself because I would be walking away from someone who I have strong feelings for.
It is hard to walk away from someone you love but he's not free to have a relationship with you.
WE have repeatedly heard, in relation to Brexit, that no deal is better than a bad deal or, as one politician put it recently, "If we don't get a deal that suits us, we shall simply walk away from the table".
But amazingly the driver was able to walk away on Wednesday, say police.
Would you be able to walk away from a sales opportunity?
com)-- An alarming number of homeowners say they will walk away from their mortgages if home values continue to drop.
Summary: DUBAI - The first week of the Centrepoint Millionaire raffle draw saw Mr Yi Chen walk away with the coveted prize of Dh100,000.
But boy, do I think it would be a mistake to walk away.