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Noun1.wall panel - paneling that forms part of a wallwall panel - paneling that forms part of a wall  
paneling, panelling, pane - a panel or section of panels in a wall or door
wall - an architectural partition with a height and length greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose an area or to support another structure; "the south wall had a small window"; "the walls were covered with pictures"
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com)-- Kanacrete will be introducing, from Japan, an innovative fiber reinforced ceramic material architectural precast non-structural wall panel into the US market.
4 December 2017 - Texas, US-based manufacturer and distributor of engineered surfaces company Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces has agreed to acquire UK-based shower walls and wall panel systems manufacturer Mermaid Panels Ltd and Shore Laminates Ltd, the company said.
One among the oldest companies in the world, 419+-year-old Japanese firm Nohara has now entered the Indian market with an innovative product called named the Samurai Panel, which is an EPS Wall Panel manufactured using cutting edge technology.
OTCQX: ATRM) has acquired certain assets of Prescott, Wisconsin-based wall panel maker EdgeBuilder Wall Panels, Inc.
Caption: The Vant wall panel comes in a variety of configurations, colors and finishes.
A patented composite insulated concrete wall panel system produced at 23 licensed U.
Therefore, this section explores the ability of coir fibre as an insulating material in the foamed concrete wall panel when exposed to fire.
During the three-hour special and annual town meeting, voters also adopted the "strong police chief" provision of state law after heated debate, declined to consolidate several town positions, and postponed a vote on the Quabbin Regional atrium skylight and wall panel project.
The Valspar Corporation has developed Flurospar SR coatings, a solar reflective paint for the aluminum extrusion and wall panel market.
Although speed of construction and cost savings are still the top two reasons building owners prefer site cast tilt-up concrete wall panels, recent advancements in wall panel finishes and architectural design have moved tilt-up into arenas it had never been considered in before.
The storeWALL Heavy Duty system is based on a patented heavy duty PVC wall panel with tongue-and-groove installation.
In addition to the space considerations for equipment, each wall panel measured 10 ft wide by nearly 16 ft tall, was eight in.