wall round


w>wall round

vt sep (esp Brit) → ummauern
References in classic literature ?
There was only one gateway in the ancient and lofty wall round the small park; the lodge keeper kept it locked till late in the morning, and the lodge keeper had seen no one pass.
It was a station for a great many sheep and goats, and outside there was a large yard, with a high wall round it made of stones built into the ground and of trees both pine and oak.
There," I said, "there is the wall round Solomon's Mines, but God knows if we shall ever climb it.
There was a wall round the place and there was no door.
Wrapping round the reception hall is an entertainment space with granite wall round the stairwell, full height brick and timbered chimney breast, marble tiled floor and curved bar with arched feature mirrors and built-in wine fridge.
It has a big wall round it and the doors are locked at all times.
Keeping to the left we follow the roadside wall round to the left with the private grounds of Appleby Castle on the other side.
We were told by the Land Registry that the company that owned it went out of business many years ago, so we built a wall round it.
Why Build a Wall Round a Graveyard When Nobody Wants to Get In?
Its state-of-the-art equestrian amenities include 18 European-style, custom arch front 10 x 14' stalls; a 136 x 240' covered, lighted and enclosed arena with viewing and a sound system; an outdoor, lighted regulation dressage arena; a 60' covered solid wall round pen with viewing; individual Triple Crown fenced paddocks; and miles of hacking trails with cross-country fences.
By the time you hit 60mph halfway up the wall round the final 180-degree Thunderbird corner, your knuckles are white on the sled handles, the chin-guard of your helmet is bouncing off the ice as it rushes past inches from your eyes and you're praying to any god who will listen.
IN reply to Richard, Holmfirth (Mailbag, Wednes-day, February 24) who suggested I build a wall round my garden to prevent dogs getting in.