wall system

wall′ u′nit

a modular system of shelves, often including cabinets or other storage space, either mounted on a wall or arranged in freestanding units. Also called wall′ sys`tem.
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As indicated in Figure 1 and Table 4, the wall system with the most variation (highest moisture content of the OSB during the winter/spring and lowest moisture content during the summer/fall) was Wall 1 with the layer of low-perm housewrap (3C) behind the layer of the building paper.
The curtain wall system includes stunning features: externally flush facade, internal 60mm sight lines, large span capacity, and all achieved with only 17mm glass edge cover.
Storage Wall System is a modular drawer, shelf, and roll-out tray storage system used for the safe, secure, and organized storage of preset CNC and perishable tooling.
This innovative wall system saves up to 12 percent of the space required by conventional wall systems and weighs about 25 percent of the weight of typical concrete walls.
A wall system can help reduce the amount of furniture in your living room by providing many functions in one unit and thus helping to bring all elements of the room together.
All General Polymers flooring systems can be installed with integral cove bases that can be seamlessly transitioned from the wall system.
Flagship products include the MSS pharma group's cGMP wall system, and the LSI cleanroom wall system for supply to the microelectronics industry.
Alleged damages include the cost to replace the failed wall system with an acceptable design, consequential damages (such as interior drywall repairs and rents lost during the disruptive repairs), and stigma.
NASDAQ:PLNR), a global leader in digital display technology, announces that the Planar[R] Mosaic[TM] architectural video wall system was recognized at InfoComm 2012 by leading industry experts and editors at Commercial Integrator magazine and AV Technology magazine.
Tenders are invited for Mobile, Modular Wall System
Bautex began manufacturing its composite insulating concrete form (ICF) wall system for commercial and residential construction from its facility in San Marcos, Texas, in 2013.
Nasdaq: PLNR), a worldwide leader in specialty display solutions, today introduced its Clarity Matrix(TM) LCD Video Wall System that supports mission-critical operation and requires minimal installation space, making it ideal for use in public venue or control room video walls.