war cloud

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Noun1.war cloud - an ominous sign that war threatenswar cloud - an ominous sign that war threatens  
augury, foretoken, preindication, sign - an event that is experienced as indicating important things to come; "he hoped it was an augury"; "it was a sign from God"
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It is a distant, ever present war cloud that hangs just over the border from Hwacheon County.
A pair of women on three-wheeled motorized dirt bikes zoom past us in halter tops, hooting joyfully, and off in the distance we can see a war cloud of dust kicked up by a noisy swarm of off-road vehicles.
One of the bloodstained letters which was in Joe's breast pocket when he was shot encloses 10 shillings and says: ''It has been a solemn year for many of us and our optimistic feeling dies down for a moment as we think that another Christmas will be spent under the war cloud and the joyous bells will have again a muffled sound.
Both the recession and Persian Gulf War cloud Montana's 1991 travel and tourism forecast.
Low Demand and the Threat of War Cloud Outlook for European
The war clouds we see occasionally but malevolently hanging over the subcontinent currently may stay unleashed, beaten into submission not by the incandescent brilliance of a sudden shell-burst of mutual genius but by Nature itself.
War clouds were gathering, and the supply of natural rubber from Asia was threatened.
AS 1914 dawned it seemed life would continue to improve in line with a succession of sunny Edwardian summers - but war clouds were on the horizon.
Luc's military exploits helped win 20 years of peace, but now war clouds are gathering on the horizon.
Night has fallen upon the border between India and Pakistan, and there are war clouds in the air.
In 1939, while war clouds were gathering over Europe, everything was boiling up and politics was in turmoil.
Such gathering trade war clouds sent Cable scurrying to South Africa to broker the peace, even as the heavy artillery was being rolled out.