war widow

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Noun1.war widow - a woman whose husband has died in warwar widow - a woman whose husband has died in war
widow, widow woman - a woman whose husband is dead especially one who has not remarried
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There's also a love triangle, centred around bankrupt young war widow Rose (excellent Sarah-Jane Potts), who is wooed by two suitors - besotted banker Algy (Barrie Rutter) and suave fraudster Arthur (Jos Vantyler).
AN elderly war widow has been ordered to repay the Ministry of Defence pension payments of PS131,000.
80p per week and to listen to local pensioners from Benwell rejoicing at the 2-8% rise made my blood boil as a war widow and war-disabled veteran aged 92.
A WOODEN cross pushed into the ground marks the final resting place of a 100-year-old war widow.
For example, each war widow believes herself to be responsible for shooting Cat Harvey in the arm, which, after several chapters, is pretty amusing.
A war widow, she has to raise her late husband's baby son on her own and tell him who his father was and how he died fighting in Afghanistan.
She, along with translator and fellow war widow Xuan Ngoc Nguyen, explore the meaning of war and loss on a human level.
I was made a war widow at 29 and paid plenty of tax because I had to go out to work to bring up two children.
You Are Not Forgotten: A Family's Quest for Truth and the Founding of the National League of Families" chronicles the story of one war widow who spent more than eight years unsure of the status of her dear husband.
16, #7) that a TV play called The War Widow was finally available.
It uses case study material from war widows to explore how the category 'war widow' is taken up albeit reluctantly by one Vietnam war widow and considers why this might differ from other widows' experiences.