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Adj.1.war-ridden - engaged in warwar-ridden - engaged in war; "belligerent (or warring) nations"
unpeaceful - not peaceful; "unpeaceful times"; "an unpeaceful marriage"
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TAHRAN (CyHAN)- Iran said on Wednesday that the war-ridden Yemen is on the verge of human catastrophe as the Saudi-led coalition tightens its grip on humanitarian aid channels to the Arab state,.
Long before there were live feeds from war zones, photographers like Cartier-Bresson dared to go to the frontlines to provide but a snippet of the daily realities in war-ridden areas, often aimed at audiences thousands of miles away.
Many people are optimistic that collecting data now will make prosecution easier when eventually peace comes to war-ridden Syria.
Saida Saliem Harun, the chairperson for the state women association said free, fair and timely elections are vital for the war-ridden nation.
Known in Arabic as Ayn al-Arab, the town is among a few areas in civil war-ridden Syria where the coalition can coordinate air strikes against Islamic State with operations by an effective ground force.
We must learn to respond quickly to new circumstances and make every effort to ensure safe start of the academic school year in Ukraine, primarily in war-ridden territories of Donbas," Oleksandr Sych summed up.
In the war-ridden Middle East, where the philosophy of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth prevails, we were told the story of the families of murdered Israeli and Palestinian teenagers reaching out to support each other.
Summary: President Michel Sleiman said Thursday that Lebanon could not host any more Syrian refugees, calling instead for the displaced to be returned to safe areas inside the war-ridden country.
According to reports from United Nations agencies, tens of thousands of Syrians are going without adequate food in the war-ridden areas, and the government and rebel forces are capitalising on their plight.
Participants from various GCC countries such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia as well as from Qatar took part in the workshop that highlighted the issue of safety of journalists while working in precarious situations such as war-ridden zones.
The civil war-ridden, mineral-rich province of Baluchistan – already a target for all kinds of physical and social abuse – has long been known for military atrocities against the Baluch separatists.
Saudi Arabia is home to around 500,000 Afghans, who escaped their war-ridden nation decades ago and settled in the Kingdom.