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1. A tall cabinet, closet, or small room built to hold clothes.
2. Garments considered as a group, especially all the articles of clothing that belong to one person.
a. The costumes belonging to a theater or theatrical troupe.
b. The place in which theatrical costumes are kept.
4. The department in charge of wearing apparel, jewelry, and accessories in a royal or noble household.

[Middle English warderobe, from Old North French : warder, to guard; see wer- in Indo-European roots + robe, garment; see robe.]


1. (Furniture) a tall closet or cupboard, with a rail or hooks on which to hang clothes
2. (Clothing & Fashion) the total collection of articles of clothing belonging to one person
3. (Theatre) the collection of costumes belonging to a theatre or theatrical company
[C14: from Old Northern French warderobe, from warder to guard + robe robe]


(ˈwɔr droʊb)

n., v. -robed, -rob•ing. n.
1. a collection or stock of clothes or costumes.
2. a piece of furniture for holding clothes, usu. a tall, upright case fitted with a rail or hooks for hanging clothes.
3. a room or place in which to keep clothes or costumes.
a. the department of a royal or other great household charged with the care of wearing apparel.
b. a department in a motion-picture or television studio that supplies and maintains costumes.
5. to provide with a wardrobe.
[1250–1300; Middle English warderobe < Anglo-French]


1. 'cupboard'

A cupboard is a piece of furniture with doors at the front and usually shelves inside.

The kitchen cupboard is stocked with tins of soup.

Cupboards in American English are built-in shelves behind doors. They are mainly found in kitchens.

She was in the kitchen, opening cupboards, moving boxes and cans to see what lay behind.
2. 'wardrobe'

A wardrobe is a tall piece of furniture, usually in a bedroom, that has space for hanging clothes.

I hung my dress up in the wardrobe.
3. 'closet'

A wardrobe is sometimes built into the wall of a room, rather than being a separate piece of furniture. In American English, a built-in wardrobe is called a closet.

There's an iron in the closet.


ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Noun1.wardrobe - a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clotheswardrobe - a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes; has a door and rails or hooks for hanging clothes
armoire - a large wardrobe or cabinet; originally used for storing weapons
clothes closet, clothespress - a closet where clothes are stored
coat closet - a closet for storing outerwear
article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture - furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
2.wardrobe - collection of clothing belonging to one personwardrobe - collection of clothing belonging to one person
article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, wearable, vesture, wear - a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
3.wardrobe - collection of costumes belonging to a theatrical companywardrobe - collection of costumes belonging to a theatrical company
costume - the attire worn in a play or at a fancy dress ball; "he won the prize for best costume"
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole


1. clothes cupboard, cupboard, closet (U.S.), clothes-press, cabinet Hang your dress up in the wardrobe.
2. clothes, outfit, apparel, clobber (Brit. slang), attire, collection of clothes splurging on an expensive new wardrobe of clothes
خِزَانَةخِزانَة ثِيابمَجموعَة ثِياب
šatníkskříňšatnašatní skříň
drabužių spintagarderobas
drēbju skapisgarderobetērpi
garderobna omara
tủ quần áo


A. N
1. (= cupboard) → guardarropa m, armario m (ropero), ropero m (LAm)
2. (= clothes) → vestuario m
B. CPD wardrobe mistress N (Theat) → encargada f del vestuario
wardrobe trunk Nbaúl m ropero


(= cupboard) → armoire f
(= clothes) → garde-robe f
(in theatre)costumes mpl
modif [department] → des costumes
wardrobe staff → les costumiers mpl wardrobe assistantwardrobe assistant nassistant(e) m/f costumier/ièrewardrobe mistress ncostumière f


(esp Brit: = cupboard) → (Kleider)schrank m
(= clothes)Garderobe f
(Theat) (= clothes)Kostüme pl; (= room)Kleiderkammer f, → Kostümfundus m


wardrobe mistress
n (Theat) → Gewandmeisterin f
wardrobe trunk
nKleiderkoffer m


[ˈwɔːdrəʊb] n (cupboard) → guardaroba m inv, armadio; (clothes) → guardaroba (Theatre) → costumi mpl


(ˈwoːdrəub) noun
1. a cupboard in which clothes may be hung. Hang your suit in the wardrobe.
2. a stock of clothing. She bought a complete new wardrobe in Paris.


خِزَانَة šatník garderobe Kleiderschrank ντουλάπα armario vaatekaappi armoire garderoba guardaroba 洋服だんす 옷장 kleerkast garderobe szafa guarda-roupa гардероб garderob ตู้เสื้อผ้า gardırop tủ quần áo 衣柜
References in classic literature ?
Moffat, who judged others by herself, and the sensible resolution to be contented with the simple wardrobe which suited a poor man's daughter was weakened by the unnecessary pity of girls who thought a shabby dress one of the greatest calamities under heaven.
The dresser, and the great walnut wardrobe which held all my clothes, even my hats and shoes, I had pushed out of the way, and I considered them non-existent, as children eliminate incongruous objects when they are playing house.
This patriarch now presented himself before Hepzibah, clad in an old blue coat, which had a fashionable air, and must have accrued to him from the cast-off wardrobe of some dashing clerk.
Of things not properly belonging to the room, there was a hammock lashed up, and thrown upon the floor in one corner; also a large seaman's bag, containing the harpooneer's wardrobe, no doubt in lieu of a land trunk.
In his treatise on Queen-Gold, or Queen-pinmoney, an old King's Bench author, one William Prynne, thus discourseth: Ye tail is ye Queen's, that ye Queen's wardrobe may be supplied with ye whalebone.
said her mistress, when Eliza had upset the wash-pitcher, knocked down the workstand, and finally was abstractedly offering her mistress a long nightgown in place of the silk dress she had ordered her to bring from the wardrobe.
In the afternoon we walked over the Great Scheideck to Grindelwald, stopping to pay a visit to the Upper glacier by the way; but we were again overtaken by bad HOGGLEBUMGULLUP and arrived at the hotel in a SOLCHE a state that the landlord's wardrobe was in great request.
Huck Finn, did you EVER hear of a prisoner having picks and shovels, and all the modern conveniences in his wardrobe to dig himself out with?
Then Mary got out a suit of his clothing that had been used only on Sundays during two years -- they were simply called his "other clothes" -- and so by that we know the size of his wardrobe.
A bed supported on massive pillars of mahogany, hung with curtains of deep red damask, stood out like a tabernacle in the centre; the two large windows, with their blinds always drawn down, were half shrouded in festoons and falls of similar drapery; the carpet was red; the table at the foot of the bed was covered with a crimson cloth; the walls were a soft fawn colour with a blush of pink in it; the wardrobe, the toilet-table, the chairs were of darkly polished old mahogany.
There shall be an explanation as soon as I can give it; only just have the goodness to step out and order the carriage to take me on to Gimmerton, and tell a servant to seek up a few clothes in my wardrobe.
When Mary at last decided to get up, the clothes Martha took from the wardrobe were not the ones she had worn when she arrived the night before with Mrs.