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Adj.1.warm-toned - used of music
emotional - of more than usual emotion; "his behavior was highly emotional"
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In the distance, beyond the waste ground, and running parallel with the line of ships, a line of brown, warm-toned houses seemed bowed under snow-laden roofs.
The casting was uniformly strong; Miklos Sebestyen a sonorous and imposing presence as Moses, and Andrew Foster-Williams a warm-toned and surprisingly human Pharaoh - his parental affection for his son Osiride (a fluidvoiced David Alegret) was touchingly believable.
When combined with plush sofas, warm-toned woods and striking stripes, a blue colour scheme gives a stylish nod to the nautical, without being over the top.
Her solos possess an agile, staccato accuracy and warm-toned pointedness.
The warm-toned illustrations of a young gray bunny and his father and mother bunnies are delicately embellished by swirling sweeps of gleaming blue waves, which briefly embed themselves in hidden parts of pictures that children will love discovering.
uk WOOD IS GOOD The stark white colour and shape of the dining table was cold and dated, so we replaced the old table and chairs with a warm-toned round wooden one and chairs with black upholstery for modernity.
The structural frame and hexagonal infill panels are of warm-toned pine and the exterior is clad with black shingles.
Each bridesmaid wore a sleeveless, two-piece ensemble of Persimmon satin with a beaded bodice and flowing trumpet skirt and carried bouquets of warm-toned flowers that consisted of confetti roses, orange Unique roses, gold toned callas lilies, with gold alstroemeria.
Lynton Black (bass-baritone) proved an outstanding Elijah, warm-toned and resonant, and relishing all the drama of Is Not His Word Like A Fire, and all the pathos of It Is Enough, where the prophet asks God to take away his life.
Chamlee's warm-toned b & w photos on heavy, creamy paper stock take on a pleasantly meditative sameness as the pages roll past to record the "little Madonna" shrines of Tuscany.
The kitchen and breakfast room remain cheery even on the dreariest of Seattle days, thanks to light-colored and reflective surfaces--from the white-painted cabinetry, walls, and woodwork to the zinc kitchen counter and warm-toned wood flooring.