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 (wôr′mŭng′gər, -mŏng′-)
One who advocates or attempts to stir up war.

war′mon′ger·ing adj. & n.


(Military) a person who fosters warlike ideas or advocates war
ˈwarˌmongering n


(ˈwɔrˌmʌŋ gər, -ˌmɒŋ-)

a person who advocates war.
war′mon`ger•ing, n.
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Noun1.warmonger - a person who advocates war or warlike policieswarmonger - a person who advocates war or warlike policies
adult, grownup - a fully developed person from maturity onward
war hawk, hawk - an advocate of an aggressive policy on foreign relations


noun hawk, aggressor, belligerent, militarist, jingoist, sabre-rattler The president was denounced by many as a dangerous warmonger.
مُثير للحَرْب داعِيَه لَها
bellicistemarchand de guerre
háborús uszító
vojnový štváč
savaş çığırtkanı


[ˈwɔːˌmʌŋgəʳ] Nbelicista mf


[ˈwɔːrmʌŋgər] nbelliciste mf


[ˈwɔːˌmʌŋgəʳ] nguerrafondaio


(woː) noun
(an) armed struggle, especially between nations. Their leader has declared war on Britain; The larger army will win the war; the horrors of war; (also adjective) He is guilty of war crimes.
verbpast tense, past participle warred
to fight. The two countries have been warring constantly for generations.
ˈwarlike adjective
(negative unwarlike) fond of, or likely to begin, war. a warlike nation.
ˈwarrior (ˈwo-) noun
a soldier or skilled fighting man, especially in primitive societies. The chief of the tribe called his warriors together; (also adjective) a warrior prince.
war correspondent
a newspaper reporter who writes articles on a war especially from the scene of fighting.
ˈwar-cryplural ˈwar-cries noun
a shout used in battle as an encouragement to the soldiers. `For king and country' was the war-cry of the troops as they faced the enemy.
ˈwar-dance noun
a dance performed by the people of some primitive societies before going to war.
ˈwarfare noun
fighting, as in a war. He refused to fight, because he has religious objections to warfare.
ˈwarhead noun
the explosive section of a missile, torpedo etc. nuclear warheads.
ˈwarhorse noun
a horse used in battle.
ˈwarlord noun
a very powerful military leader.
ˈwarmonger noun
a person who encourages war(s), often for personal reasons.
ˈwarpaint noun
paint applied to the face etc by the people of some primitive societies before going into battle.
ˈwarship noun
a ship used in war or defence.
ˈwartime noun
the time during which a country, a people etc is at war. There is a great deal of hardship and misery in wartime; (also adjective) a wartime economy.
war of nerves
a war, contest etc in which each side tries to win by making the other nervous, eg by bluff, rather than by actually fighting. That game of chess was a war of nerves.
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He (as always) forgets to mention that these cuts are necessary to pull our country back from the abyss and have been made because of the mismanagement of our country by a warmonger who was laying the foundations to become a multi-millionaire (very socialist that
EVENTS 1951: The Conservative leader, Winston Churchill, above, winds up his election campaign by denying he is a warmonger.
Also paying their respects at the service was Tony Blair another warmonger and hypocrite.
Netanyahu has marked his name as a warmonger on the UN walls, and gained nothing but enhancing the Zionists' threats through these comments," Firouzabadi said on Wednesday.
Netanyahu has etched his name on the board of the United Nations as a warmonger," he added.
WARMONGER was one of the kinder words beginning with w you called me after I backed air strikes against Syria last week.
Meanwhile, Commentary Magazine, gave its pages to the warmonger Max Boot, who called for military action against the regime of Bashar al-Assad so that the United States does not become the object of ridicule and laughter around the world, and as a superpower that faces a challenge only to avoid responding to it.
Hoar even cites some neo-cons and the subversive organizations they work for: warmonger John Bolton, former U.
Now he is personally behaving as a bonded slave of a warmonger dictator, with his the comprehensive package that is tagged to the Indo-US civilian nuclear agreement, and has made his entire nation as a bonded slave of America.
If the Pope, Archbishop of Canterbury, Dalai Lama and other assorted chiefs of religions, can't get politicians to cut the warfare cackle, what chance a warmonger with more blood on his hands than a Rochdale black pudding maker?
Churchill would have had Tyndale to contend with as well as most of the Government, who thought he was a warmonger and should have surrendered to the Nazis.
Calling Sharon a hard-liner or a warmonger is hardly anti-Semitic, contrary to what Schoenfeld seems to imply--but comparing the head of the Jewish state to Hitler, who sought to exterminate the Jews, is beyond obscenity.