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Noun1.warning bell - a bell used to sound an alarmwarning bell - a bell used to sound an alarm  
bell - a hollow device made of metal that makes a ringing sound when struck
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The memory of her forest dream had never passed away, and through trial and temptation she had been true, and kept her resolution still unbroken; seldom now did the warning bell sound in her ear, and seldom did the flower's fragrance cease to float about her, or the fairy light to brighten all whereon it fell.
He bowed as the warning bell rang, and Mainhall whispered: "You know Lord Westmere, of course,--the stooped man with the long gray mustache, talking to Lady Dowle.
It remained thus, until the first warning bell began to ring.
Summary: Party's lowest tally in 22 years a warning bell ahead of state battles in 2018 and Lok Sabha polls in 2019
DEREK McINNES insists Morton's weekend mauling of Queen of the South was a League Cup early warning bell for Aberdeen.
Engrossed in the flavors of food never before tasted, Billings pays no heed to his father's warning or the warning bell of a very large cat named Jingles.
Tenders are invited for Pedestrain Warning Bell For Level Crossing Gate 110V Ac As Per Specification With 5 Watt Out Put Details Annexure.
However, I was enlightened on this matter when I criticised a cyclist for speeding along Whitchurch Road without even ringing a warning bell.
3,5) 12 Observe the ocean, they say (3) 13 High-handed and bossy when the tarragon is badly sprinkled (8) 15 Scots know politician Clarke or Livingtone (3) 16 Desperate Rod eats what's cooked in an oven (7) 17 The spaniel ran wild into the rock garden plants (7) 19 A warning bell perhaps that makes Mr Alan a bit upset (5) 20 This magical creature initially got everyone nervous in Edinburgh (5) 22 A group of consumers reared these Aussie birds (4) 23 Remove unwanted garden plants?
MQM leaders were critical of the decision to adjourn the assembly session without ringing the warning bell stating that today was a private members day and they had several things to say.
This should serve as a warning bell to all parties concerned," Dr.
He rang a warning bell against depleting the earth resources which are limited and especially complicated by climate change and green-house effects in the form of destructive natural disasters which necessitate for people on earth to harness renewable energy sources.