warp beam

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warp′ beam`

a roller, located at the back of a loom, on which the warp ends are wound in preparation for weaving. Also called warp′ roll`.
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Tenders are invited for hand lift hydraulic pallet truck and heavy warp beam lifting hydraulic trolley
at each warp beam that is changed preventive maintenance is performed for the weaving machine (washing, greasing, etc.
Next, the student holds the threaded rigid heddle with one hand and the warp beam with the other.
The process sequence between the warp beam stock and the weaving machine is a demanding one.
1" touchscreen monitor and a warp beam frame with one or two warp beam positions.
A beaming/winding process is the final stage in producing the warp beam.
The quick harness connections, the roll-away filling creel, the hand-operated quick snap locks for warp beam and cloth rolls, and a microprocessor for modifying crossing time settings for selvedges and shed are all standard on the Picanol OptiMax looms keeping machine downtimes to a minimum.
A complete program from warp beam stock to weaving machine
Staubli DELTA automatic drawing-in machines are well known and they draw in warp threads directly from the warp beam, up to 4 metres wide, in healds, drop wires and the reed in one operation and at speeds up to 140 draws per minute.
Warp beam drives and cloth take-up systems on narrow and wide weaving machines.
A circular knitting machine's output is around ten to twenty times that of a flat knitting machine and a warp knitting machine needs several warp beams to produce the patterns required for shoe upper material.